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Illegal Aliens - A Roswell podcast

May 22, 2017

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 5: Missing

Discussion topics: Liz's "I'm journalling about aliens" t-shirt, Everybody can read Liz's body language, McCarthy cross-examination, Michael doesn't have Wimsey, The naming of flashes, Isabel brings the sequel hook, Collection of periodic tables

Episode MVP: Brendan Fehr

Chris's rating: 4 Alien Masks

Claire's rating: 1 stick figure and 3 charcoal drawings

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Episode 6, covering both 285 South and River Dog will air on May 29 2017

Catch-up Episode MVPs announced this week!

Pilot: Jason Katims
Morning After: Brendan Fehr
Monsters: Majandra Delfino

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