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Illegal Aliens - A Roswell podcast

Aug 28, 2017

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 18: Tess Lies and Videotape

Discussion topics: Lots of people are lying. Tess is a spoiler magnet--and walks a tightrope. Rain makes aliens emotionally vulnerable. Digging underneath a kiss in the rain. Liz's heart is her intuition. Max can't explain without making things worse. There's no business like spy business. Tess performs for the camera--which falls on its off button. Michael's protective of Liz: friendship? Valenti is literally in the dark. Jason and Shiri emote with soulful looks.

Our first spoiler zone! Spoilers through season 2 after the theme music plays.

Thank you to Joey Zani for episode feedback on "Overbite" and "Party Trick Quote"!

Help Claire: Where did she hear of Miramar?

Episode MVP: Emilie de Ravin

Chris' rating: 5 miniature cameras

Claire's rating: 5 Buddhas

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Special Unit is everywhere, but we’ll discuss "Four-Square" sometime in early September!

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